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Conveyor belts and pallet conveyors

Belt conveyors

These conveyors can only be ordered using the configurator

Alusic offers five different series of belt conveyors, each with its own peculiarities and technical specifications that make them optimizable depending on the application context:

  • series 20: belt conveyor with 20 mm roller
  • series 30: belt conveyor with 30 mm roller
  • series 1000 single-beam: belt conveyor with 50 mm
  • series 50: belt conveyor with 50 mm
  • series 95: belt conveyor with 95 mm

830 series incline change conveyor belt

These conveyors can only be ordered using the configurator

With the 830 series, Alusic delivers the perfect solution for incline change conveyor belt configurations. Three different structures – 831, 832 and 833 – are the starting base for a versatile configuration perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs. The 830 series also incorporates a large variety of accessories that can be easily integrated into the line, such as hoppers and chutes, especially designed to improve and optimise the conveyor belt’s efficiency.


Flat-top chain conveyor

These conveyors can only be ordered using the configurator

Alusic’s flat-top chain conveyor range includes five different chain widths:
82.5 mm (K325) plastic or steel; 114.3 mm (K450) plastic or steel; 190.5 mm (K750) plastic or steel; 254 mm (K1000) plastic; 304.8
mm (K1200) plastic.
The K325 and K450 series utilises a single-beam structure, while the remaining sizes use a modular beam structure.
Bends are available as standard for the K325 and K450 series.

Modular chain conveyor

Alusic’s modular chain conveyor range includes two different plastic chain widths: 152 mm and 250 mm.
The structure uses a modular beam system. Bends are available in 90° and 180° versions.

Pallet transfer system

The modular pallet conveyor system is designed to be more responsive to changing market demands. Installation and
maintenance are simple and the system can be easily expanded, reconfigured or relocated as your needs change.
Main advantages offered by this system: improve productivity, achieve better product quality , enhance manufacturing flexibility,
simplify conveyor system development, reduce overall project cost.


This section contains all Alusic accessories for every kind of conveyor belt, such as sideguards, sliding profiles and sideguard supports.



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